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Animal Education
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We can bring our animal education curriculum to you!

We are an approved vendor for Leon County Schools! Learning is life-long, our educational activities are suited for school-age kids AND senior citizens!


Redemptive Love Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit which helps fund animal education visits to schools and senior citizen facilities so that the cost will stay affordable! Redemptive Love Farm is our animal education provider who is licensed and insured to bring animal education ambassadors and curriculum to schools and facilities! 


Our animal agriculture stations:
  • All FOUR animal agriculture stations (Fiber, Milk, Eggs, Other) – $1500 $750 for 2 hours (can rotate through ~200 participants)
  • All FOUR animal agriculture stations (Fiber, Milk, Eggs, Other) – $1000 $500 for 1 hour (can rotate through ~100 participants)

  • Fiber Agriculture station (includes fiber to spin into yarn & fiber animals to pet) – $250 for 1 hour
  • Eggs Agriculture station (includes eggs to collect and chickens to pet) – $250 for 1 hour
  • Milk Agriculture station (includes goat to milk) – $250 for 1 hour
  • Other Agriculture station (includes 8 animal petting pen) – $250 for 1 hour

  • UPGRADE TO MILK COW (instead of milk goat) – +$125 for one hour or +$250 for two hours

Curious Compassion Curriculum:
  • Five special needs animals to help teach compassion – $250 for 1 hour
  • Additional hour + $125  

Literacy Character Animals:
  • Five costumed literacy chacter animals – $250 for 1 hour
  • Add additional hour + $125 

Farmer Class Option:
  • Farmer taught class with one animal helper – $125 for 1 hour

*Travel cost is $1.50 per mile OVER 40 miles round-trip 

We offer education options! 

  • Animal Agriculture Stations – learn all about agriculture with four fun, interactive and educational stations!
  • Curious Commpassion – Grow more compassionate to those with physical differences with the help of our special friends!
  • Literacy Character Animals – Ignite desire to read as our animals help bring favorite book characters to life!
  • Farmer class – We can teach a wide variety of classes with one animal helper! 

Education Payment:

  • Payment in full is due upon arrival via card or check. If you need to have a check cut by your school or finance department please be sure you request all documents (W9, COI, PTSA, etc) that you will need from us in advance in order to have the check approved and ready to hand us when you arrive.

FREE Visit:

  • If there are budget conflicts sometimes RLRescue, our non-profit can fund these education visits to make it free for you! Due to funding, we can only take a limited number of requests each month. Call or email for an application to qualify!


  • Only weekday availability. Select “anytime” then let us know what time you would prefer!


  • Feel free to call or email anytime!