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Animal Therapy
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We can bring our animal therapy to you!

We are a licensed and insured vendor with therapy farm animals who are healthy, friendly and thoroughly trained! We visit all ages & abilities!


Redemptive Love Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit which helps fund animal therapy visits to special needs schools and senior citizen facilities so that the cost will stay affordable! Redemptive Love Farm is our animal therapy provider who is licensed and insured to bring thoroughly trained animal therapy ambassadors to schools and facilities! 


Our animal therapy visits:
  • Animal Therapy Visit (we come to you!) – $255 $127.50 for 1 hour
  • Calming Cuddles Visit (at RLRescue facility) – $53 $26.50 for 30 minutes

*Travel cost is $1.50 per mile OVER 40 miles round-trip 

About our program:

  • All our animal ambassadors are healthy, friendly and thoroughly trained!
  • All our volunteers are trained and supervised by an certified animal trainer at all times!
  • We always use barrier protection, such as strollers & towels so there is never clean up!
  • What you pay helps cover insurance, vehicle maintenance, gas and animal feed & care!
  • We fundraise to keep these visits affordable or even free! We host craft classes & events, sell yarn & gifts and rely on generous donors!

Therapy Visit Payment:

  • Payment in full is due upon arrival via card or check. If you need to have a check cut by your school or finance department please be sure you request all documents (W9, COI, PTSA, etc) that you will need from us in advance in order to have the check approved and ready to hand us when you arrive.


  • Only weekday availability. Select “anytime” then let us know what time you would prefer!

FREE Visit:

  • If there are budget conflicts sometimes RLRescue, our non-profit can fund these education visits to make it free for you! Due to funding, we can only take a limited number of requests each month. Call or email for an application to qualify


  • Feel free to call or email anytime!