Frequently Asked Questions


Does the farm have regular open hours?
While our farm does NOT have regular open hours, because we are a family-operated farm, we list all our upcoming public farm events on the website.
What is best way to contact the farm or rescue?

 Our business phone (850)894-1800 rings in our home living room, while we do spend a lot of time out on the farm and off-site at events feel free to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we are able. Or you can email the FARM at or the RESCUE at You can even contact via Facebook or Instagram messenger. Note, we do not have a secretary and the owner, Shannon Carroll, is who answers on any of these contact options. 

What animals can be seen at the farm?

We have over 100 animals of 20 different species here at the farm, including CAMELS, horses, Highland cows, llamas, emus, goats, ponies, ducks, bunnies, pigs, sheep, peacocks, alpacas, donkeys, chickens, tortoises, parrots, dogs, cats and turkeys!

Where can I find a price list of services?

Our prices can be found on the booking page of each individual service.