Born on the farm

Farm Babies for Sale

Every spring we welcome several farm babies! We list them here! 

Our 2024 spring season runs from Feb-May, we are expecting:

  • KuneKune piglets, 5-10
  • Nigerian Dwarf goat kids, 8-16
  • Babydoll & Harlequin lambs, 5-10
  • Llama crias, 2
  • Miniature Donkey foals, 2
  • English Lop bunnies, 5-10
  • Chicks & Ducklings, dozens

Get on our waiting list BEFORE they are born, how:

  1. Email “” your name and phone number and what you are wanting.
  2. When babies are born you will be emailed and given an option to pay a deposit.
  3. We keep babies here while they are nursing and we socialize them daily.
  4. When your baby goes home they will be friendly, weaned and healthy. Perfect pets!!!

KuneKune Pigs – prices: $100 barrow, $200 boar, $300 gilt

We have 15 piglets born first week of February 2024 available now.

Our KuneKune piglets are highly socialized and stay smaller. Our parents weigh 150-200#

Nigerian Dwarf Goats – prices: wether $200, buckling $250, doeling $300

We expect 8-16 kids this season, due March 5th-31st, 2024

Our Nigerian Dwarf kids are highly socialized from milking lines and small parents, under 50#

Babyboll & Harlequin Sheep – prices: wether $300, ram $450, ewe $600

We had 7 lambs born Feb 1st – 19th, 2024. Three female ewes available.

Our Babydoll and Harlequin lambs are highly socialized from fiber lines and parents, under 120#

Llamas – prices: male $2000-$4000, females $4500-$9000

We have retained all 2021-2024 female crias born on farm.

We are currently breeding our five registered female llamas for March-May 2025 crias, will be ready to go to new homes Christmas 2025. Our baby llamas are registered, healthy, adapted to FL heat, highly socialized, trained and are introduced to therapy visit settings!

Miniature Donkeys – prices: male $2000, female $3500

We are expecting TWO baby donkeys between Oct-Dec 2024

English Lop bunnies – due Feb – May, price range $100-$250


Chicks & Ducklings – we donate fertilized eggs to teachers to incubate with their students

We may have some young hens available for sale in early summer June 2024