Eight white Embden geese, two males, five females, one gosling. Currently housed at rescue on two week quarantine. Will have more info as we evaluate them. Will be available for adoption May 3rd. Adoption fee range for geese is $25-$100 per goose, will not adopt out singletons.

Geese have had the best care their entire life. They are about two years old, beautiful, healthy and laying eggs daily!

Available – Flock of one male & three laying females, $200 adoption fee.

“Embden goose is classed as a heavy breed by the American Poultry Association. It is one of the tallest goose breed with a massive and long body. They have long swan neck with the double lobes not touching the ground. Their plumage color is completely white. They have a short, light orange bill. Their feet and shanks are also orange in color.”

Ready to adopt!?! Email Savannah@RedemptiveLoveFarm.com to schedule a time for a meet & greet!