Our Llamas

  With the hope to help other livestock owners we have videoed and are uploading a few videos of the routine health maintenance checks we do every month on our different livestock species.

Monthly we check:
*Body condition scoring, gotta get your hands on them (pic1)
*FAMACHA score (pic2)
    *Tells us if animal is anemic
        *Anemia points to possible parasite issue or MH
        *We perform fecal and deworm with appropriate drug (pic3)
        *Or we treat for the “silent killer” Mycoplasma (MH)
*Give injectable ivermectin (pic4) to prevent M-worm EVERY 30 days!
Deworming med chart links:

Camelid – https://go.umd.edu/camelidchart
Goat – https://go.umd.edu/goatchart
Sheep – https://go.umd.edu/sheepchart