These are the medications and dosage that we have used successfully at our farm. This is posted as our own guide that we can refer back to. This is not a substitute for consulting your own Veterinarian.

Panacur is a very safe medication especially for the young baby animals. We have given this to babies 4 weeks and older. Downside is it has to be given multiple days to take effect and parasites in goats and sheep are showing a resistance on most farms.


Ivermectin is a must have here on the farm. We have given this to babies 4 weeks and older. Excellent for controlling mites, the most common cause of skin issues and hair loss in livestock.


Toltrazuril is my go-to for Coccidia treatment and prevention. Farm babies under 6 months old can become ill quickly and grow poorly due to coccidiosis. This drug was recommended by a farm I met three years ago and we have been using it successfully since. Toltrazuril (Baycox) is safer than Amprolium (Corid) and only needs ONE dose unlike Sulfadimethoxine (Albon) which needs 3-5 doses. Corid causes B-12 deficiency and we won’t use it again for anything other than calves.


Using medications for intestinal parasites regularly can cause parasite resistance. We only deworm when we KNOW we need to. We check our animals health every month by getting our hands on them, checking their body score, coat condition, FAMACHA (eye) score and weighing them on our livestock scale. Performing fecals are the only way to 100% know that intestinal parasites are the culprit to poor condition.
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