Name: Brownie

Age: ~1 year old

Gender: female

Breed: Holland Lop

Size: small (4-5 lbs)

Personality: evaluating temperament, currently very sweet and easy to handle

Days at rescue: Arrived 6/4/24

Adoption fee: $45

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As with all bunnies, they don’t love being held and are behaved best when pet and fed treats on the safety of the ground. Bunnies are notorious chewers, have to have things to constantly chew due to their ever-growing teeth. Bunnies can frighten easily and are very susceptible to heat stroke in the FL summer heat. Bunnies can do well as a solo pet or can be carefully bonded with other rabbits. If indoors their cage should be in a place they can get away from the chaos of a household when they are not having supervised free-roaming time. If outdoors they need a predator proof enclosure that they cannot dig out of that is never in direct sunlight. In our opinion, neutered males make the best pets as females can still become territorial of their space. Here at our rescue bunnies’ diet consists of rabbit pellets, timothy hay and occasional herb and veggie treats from our garden.