Great Pyrenees dog, intact male, ~3 year old, large size, should weigh about 80#. Currently about 25 pounds underweight, will be neutered when at a healthy weight. Currently under evaluation, will be available to go to a foster home June 8th. Will be available for adoption after neuter.

What we have learned about Boomer so far: He LOVES people. He is a very loving and gentle boy with all ages. He wants to be with his people. He has been moved around a lot in his short life and was VERY stressed when he arrived. He did show symptoms of separation anxiety on arrival and did all he could to be close to people. Although he was very skinny on arrival he never showed any signs of food aggression and is now eating well. He has gotten along with all our dogs, cats and livestock.

$250 adoption fee will cover bringing vaccines up to date, neuter surgery and introduction training with livestock farm animals.

We sometimes break our “no dogs” rule for Great Pyrenees or Dalmatians in need. These are two breeds we have had for years and know very well!

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