Rescue, Rehab & Rehome

Reality is we would go bankrupt trying to permanently feed all the animals that come to us. But when we are able we do temporarily house animals in need, will assist them in becoming healthy and happy again then we will find them their own forever farm family.

We can take in:

Horses & Ponies
Donkeys & mules
Cows & Calves
Goats & Sheep
Llamas & Alpacas
Poultry (chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc)
Rabbits & Bunnies

We DO NOT take in:


Dogs and cats can pose a threat to our livestock and wildlife here on the farm. Try reaching out to local humane societies, dog or cat specific rescues or your local tax-funded animal shelter for assistance.

Pigs, being destructive escape artists, have caused hardship on our farm, fences and other animals. Reach out to pig specific rescues or sanctuaries.

We DO NOT rehome:

Aggressive animals

We can assist with aggressive livestock if family is in crisis and needs assistance for safety reasons. Ethically we will not rehome livestock that has shown aggression or caused injury to other animals or humans. All intact male livestock (bulls, bucks, rams, roosters, etc) are considered “potentially aggressive” until neutered. Any male livestock animal that cannot be safely neutered will not be eligible to be re-homed.

Aggressive animals posing a safety hazard will be transported off-site, humanely euthanized and meat donated to a local non-profit that feeds humans facing homelessness.

Ready to Adopt a Farm Pet

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