Redemptive Love Rescue

501c3 Non-Profit Since 2022


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Make a Donation

Your donations help us care for over 100 rescue farm animals that find their way to us each year as well as fund our animal therapy visits keeping them free for recipients that need that touch of joy that only animals can bring! 

Surrender a Farm Pet

Our mission is to be available to help people in crisis by caring for their farm animals. While we are NOT a farm sanctuary we can temporarily house, care for, rehab and find new homes for livestock in need. Do you have a farm pet you need assistance with?


Our volunteers are such a blessing to our animals and the people we serve. Learn more about how you can sign-up to start volunteering with our farm & rescue! 

Adopt a Farm Pet

Find out more about the animals we are currently fostering on the farm and contact us if you would like to welcome one into your home or farm!

Animal Therapy Visit

Our animal handler volunteers love bringing people joy through our friendly farm pets! Once we receive a request, our volunteers will be notified and those available will sign-up to bring the RLF animal they are trained and certified in handling. We try our best to keep these visits 100% free but we have a limited number of requests we can accept each month based on incoming donations.

Animal education Visit

We are passionate about giving the future generation hands-on education about the humane treatment of livestock animals! All farmers are background checked and cleared to work with kids and bring animals to Leon County and surrounding schools. We try our best to keep these visits 100% free but we have a limited number of requests we can accept each month based on incoming donations.

Years before I became a mom to seven adopted human children I was working in animal welfare and rescue. Since 2007 I have fostered thousands of pet, wildlife and livestock animals who were orphaned, sick, injured or just in need of a temporary home.

The love and desire to help animals in need has traveled through me to my children. I love the compassion and empathy we have stirred and developed within them by helping the animals considered, “the least of these.” 

Since 2010, when my first dog, Shaka, was certified as an therapy animal I have been visiting hospitals, senior centers, schools and adult facilities to bring some joy to people facing difficult times. 

We now have a unique opportunity to bring to continue to bring joy to people thru our farm animals! Once our volunteer animal handlers have become certified they can bring their chosen RLF animal to therapy visit requests!

Our Faith

Why Redemptive Love?

Redemptive love is the highest form of love. It is a sacrificial gift. It recognizes that judgment is due, but instead releases mercy. We experienced redemptive love from our Savior, Jesus Christ. In turn we have expressed redemptive love thru the adoption of our children, by redeeming the abandoned, trashed property we turned into our farm and we strive to offer redemption to the animals and people that cross our path.

Redemption refers ultimately to the saving work of Christ, who came to accomplish our redemption by giving his life in substitution for our own as the ransom price.