Redemptive Love Farm

Family Owned and Operated Since 2016


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Services We Offer

Traveling Farm Services


Send a unique surprise delivery to your loved one! A special dressed-up animal will arrive to celebrate their special day! Once you have experienced it, there is no questioning why this is our favorite service! Adults of all ages LOVE it!

Traveling Petting Farm Tents

Our Small Farm Tent option is perfect for backyard birthday parties or small private events! We also have a Large Farm Tent option for large festivals. Adults and children alike love to enter and get hands-on with all of our sweet farm pets! 

Pony and Horse rides

The unique thing about our ponies is that they are our children’s riding ponies! We can bring a pony to you for rides around your yard or our four pony carousel for larger festivals! Adults want to ride? We bring big horses too!!!

Llama Visit

Your guests won’t forget your event anytime soon if a friendly llama was present! We can bring two llamas to you for a unique visit or our Llama Photo Booth for larger festivals! Not just for kids, adults of all ages LOVE it!

fuzzy cow visit

Adorable fuzzy Scottish Highland cows are always a hit at any event and we have several! We can bring a fuzzy cow to you for a unique visit or our Cow Photo Booth for larger festivals! Not just for kids, adults of all ages LOVE it!

Llama Hike on Leon County trail

Join us on a unique and memorable hiking experience! Our llamas can carry you water, snacks, lunch or other items while our guide tells all about the history & fun facts about llamas during this llama hike! Enjoy nature and llamas alike!

Our Faith

Why Redemptive Love?

Redemptive love is the highest form of love. It is a sacrificial gift. It recognizes that judgment is due, but instead releases mercy. We experienced redemptive love from our Savior, Jesus Christ. In turn we have expressed redemptive love thru the adoption of our children, by redeeming the abandoned, trashed property we turned into our farm and we strive to offer redemption to the animals and people that cross our path.

Redemption refers ultimately to the saving work of Christ, who came to accomplish our redemption by giving his life in substitution for our own as the ransom price.


The Carroll Family




Our Team

Shannon Carroll

Shannon Carroll, before founding the farm she has a history working for Chick-fil-A, City of Tallahassee Animal Shelter and Special Events before becoming an instant homeschool mom to seven foster then adopted children. In 2013, after moving their family to the country in pursuit of homesteading and debt free living, their first farm animals joined them. From there Redemptive Love Farm was established in 2016 and has been growing and changing ever since!

Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll, before joining his wife to work full-time at the farm in 2022. Brian worked in management with Chick-fil-A for 30 years. He now balances his time between his family, farm, rescue and running the Miccosukee Volunteer Fire Department as their volunteer Fire Chief.

Risa Carroll

Risa Carroll, the farm was founded when she was just 10 years old and she has grown up helping her mom with chores, animal training and events, learning so many life skills and growing in responsibility and empathy along the way!

Samuel Carroll

Samuel Carroll, the farm was founded when he was just 10 years old and he has grown up helping his mom with chores, building projects and events, learning so many life skills and growing in responsibility and empathy along the way!

Sarah Hardison

Sarah Hardison has been helping out with weekend events on the farm and traveling since 2018! She primarily works as a Peer support specialist at Apalachee Center, Inc.

Savannah Vickery

Savannah Vickery joined the farm team in May 2021, first part-time then full-time. After a year of working diligently in all aspects of the farm she moved onsite where she is very involved in all the farm happenings!