Hi Future Volunteer!

We love having volunteers out at the farm! 

Please remember we have many fun events hosted at the farm if you would like to come play, cuddle, ride or feed animals. Our volunteers are passionate about helping improve animal areas, lighten the farmers’ load and building work ethic (and muscle). 

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Available Tasks:

    • #1 Daily Need: Waste Removal (poop scooping)
    • Clean-up tasks (stick and pinecone pick-up, raking hay, scrubing water troughs, etc)
    • Maintenance with your own equipment (lawn, fencing, building, repairs, etc)
    • Herd Health Check Helpers (helping us halter and walk all animals to health check area)
    • Large Group Task – Bring your youth group or work team to help with a project!
    • Cleaning new intake animal pens and helping feed and water foster animals
    • Office tasks (filing paperwork, stuffing envelopes, putting together craft kits, etc)
    • Photography/Videography (showcasing animals for adoption, social media, etc)
    • Maintenance with your own equipment (lawn, fencing, building, repairs, etc)
    • Large Group Task – Bring your youth group or work team to help with a project!
    • Animal handling (walking pony rides, handling llamas for photo-ops, etc)
    • Customer service (helping with event check-in, serving fundraiser food, etc)
    • Art at home with your own equipment (Painting signage to be noticed around the farm)

    • Animal handling at a facility we provide animal therapy to weekly
    • MUST attend a 3 hour training class prior to being approved to this position 

Volunteer rules:

  1. Warning and Age restrictions: Volunteers must be 13 years or older to volunteer WITHOUT a parent. Children 6-12 years old may volunteer WITH adult supervision and assistance AT ALL TIMES. Please note, we are an AT YOUR OWN RISK facility and cannot provide constant supervision.
  2. Free of substance abuse or illegal drug use: All volunteers are to be of a sound mind while around animals, our family (the farmers) and/or our customers. No tolerance for drug or alcohol use while on our premises.
  3. Able to pass a background check: All volunteers wishing to help with customers or event help should be willing and able to pass a background check since they will be working around children and animals. If you would not pass then we are not the place for you.

Benefits of volunteering at the farm:

  1. Volunteers get up close and personal encounters inside the animal pens! 
  2. Volunteers get a hands-on experience of farm work! It will make or break your plan to start your own farm/homestead!
  3. Volunteers get a free work-out around animals without the cost of a gym membership.
  4. Volunteers looking to work with animals in their future can get hands-on experience and knowledge about the well-being and health of a variety of species. Recommend you come on our herd health check dates
  5. Volunteers can share their talents, like building, art, photography, grant writing and get noticed by one of our 30,000+ followers to build a customer base.
  6. Volunteers can earn hours for school or experience for their future resume!
  • Volunteers – FARM WORK are welcome most weekdays most anytime. When signing up choose “anytime” then fill out first “preferred time” question with your preferred volunteer time!
  • Volunteers – RESCUE FACILITY are welcome most weekdays to help with feeding and caring for rescue animals and office work.
  • Volunteers – EVENT HELP are usually needed on Saturdays or Open Farm Days, NOT available to first time or child volunteers.
  • Volunteers – ANIMAL THERAPY must attend a 3 hour training first, then you can volunteer when we have visits on the calendar.